I am passionate about finding ways for public schools and community based organizations to support and strengthen communities. I believe in collective impact. I am a connector. I am committed to equity and to improving our systems to better meet the needs of communities of color. I want all young people to be able to succeed in the way that they define success. I am a systems thinking social worker.

I am highly organized, a strategic thinker, and do best in a fast paced environment where I can manage multiple things at once. I love working with people who are excited about and dedicated to their work. I am energetic and enthusiastic!

Before I moved to Portland, I was a 2nd grade teacher, managed out-of-school time programs for elementary and middle school students in the Bay Area, taught environmental education at a sustainable farm in Davis, ran a Sherwood Forest themed camp in Northern California, and priced jewelry at a thrift store. I love gardening, coffee, urban chickens, and learning to play the ukulele.

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